Insurance Planning

Considering the issues, choices and fears involved in insurance planning, addressing your insurance needs is one of your greatest challenges. An evaluation is necessary of your need for insurance in these areas:

• life
• disability
• long term care

This evaluation is complex, especially if you own a business and have a family to consider. However, the absence of such an evaluation often results in costly or unnecessary insurance transactions and unintended
tax implications . We can take you through the evaluation. Because the universe of insurance products is increasingly specialized and varied and your planning focus may be on estate, business and business
succession or asset protection, our evaluation process:

• analyzes your need for insurance, existing or new, to address problems.
• analyzes the amount and type of product needed.
• searches the marketplace for the most competitive insurance options.
• specifies the proper structure of life insurance, new or existing, to eliminate tax implications.
• develops a plan that assures you have the proper amount of coverage to maximize your benefits at a
minimum cost.

Because we are an independent organization, we can work with most carriers to find the best possible products for your needs. Once these choices are made, we can include them in your comprehensive plan that incorporates:

• estate planning
• strategic business planning
• investment planning
• retirement planning for you and your employees
• insurance planning

Our experience and objectivity throughout the planning process will increase your knowledge about your insurance needs, allow you to make informed decisions and help you feel assured that you’ve made the best decisions.

Most of us have a clear idea of the things we want to do when we’ve finished working for a living, but we’re really not sure how we’ll afford them. As an individual, business owner or professional, you want to make sure all your hard work is rewarded. This is where the dream of retiring comfortably can turn into a nightmare.

Understanding all the rules and regulations involved in designing a solid retirement plan is extremely difficult, especially in a constantly changing world. Recent studies show that over 60% of people surveyed feel confident that they will retire comfortably. Ironically, nearly the same percent surveyed have no idea how much money it will take to do this. The same studies show that 60% of all people currently saving for retirement will not have adequate resources to retire as they imagine.

We can help you beat these statistics. Whether your goals are expansive or simple or your retirement is imminent or down the road, you want to enjoy it with no financial worries. Retirement planning for you and your employees is an invaluable tool in achieving your retirement objectives. Working together, we can help you:

• analyze the best approach to meet your specific retirement needs and wants.
• design and implement planning strategies to fit your needs, including cost and tax savings.
• analyze and monitor available investment options, maintaining a balance between choice and diversity vs. costs and charges.
• coordinate and oversee implementation of new plans, investment options and, if necessary, administration.
• develop and integrate education, enrollment and service meetings for employees, as needed.
• oversee and review year-end reporting filings, if required.
• stay informed of new laws or regulations that affect your retirement plan.

Making this easy for you is important to us. We take care in providing you with all the information necessary to make informed decisions for you and your employees.