What A 1ST Quarter

Jason-Matthews-96x144This year Matthews Financial & Insurance Solutions served more clients in the 1st quarter than any 1st before in our history. I would like to say Thank You! Because of your trust we are able to help your family and friends during good times in life and economy take advantage of downturns in life and markets. Throughout the year when people had questions about money or insurance you referred them to us. You could have referred them to large banks like Chase, or Bank of America or even your local State Farm office. But instead you mentioned us. That means a lot to us.

The financial markets in the 1st quarter were crazy. The S&P 500 and Dow Jones Average had its worse January EVER! To bounce back and have a positive 1st quarter of the year is great! This is despite the fact that corporate profits were down. The credit markets for the tech companies are drying up. We saw the doors of Spoon Rocket closed. There is number of energy companies that filed for bankruptcy due to the drop in oil prices. Despite the US economy being reasonable we need to be cautious because of the slowdown in the global economy. Brazil is ready to kick its president out of office because of slow down in their economy. Japan and Canada are back in a recession. 23% of the world now has negative interest. We are all in one big economic experiment. Even the creators of this whirlwind don’t know the outcome. Do you think we should be aggressive with our money and take risk? Or do you think we should be safe and position ourselves to take advantage of any downturns that might happen in the markets?

During this presidential election I feel like a lot of the issues that affect me, you and our country in the future are not being addressed. Think about this, in 2020 we will go from having 9,300 baby boomers turning 63 every day to 11,800. Which means they will be entitled to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and government pensions. All of these programs are already underfunded and are the biggest expenses our government has. Our government eventually will have to make changes in these areas we are likely see cut in benefits, raised taxes, or printing of more money which will cause value of money to go down. None of these sound like a brilliant idea to me. I’m sure glad I’m not a policy maker because it’s tough road on how to fix these problems.

The 2nd quarter we want to bring you more value. We are going to have more educational conference calls and events. The 1st one will be on 4 Smart Things to Do with Your Tax Refund on April 13th. We will have them going on twice a month. We are speaking at San Leandro High School’s Career Day April 14th, to spread financial and economic education to our youth. On April 22nd we are sponsoring the Urban Financial Services Coalition Annual Economic Summit in San Francisco. This is a great event to understand the economy in the Bay Area and current financial trends.  We are also have our Night Cap event May 21st, which is a fun and casual event for our friends who like bourbon and cigars. Please feel free to join us on any occasion. Contact me for further information.


Jason Matthews,

President & CEO Matthews Financial & Insurance Solutions