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Live Your Dream
Considering the issues, choices and fears involved in insurance planning, addressing your insurance needs is one of your greatest challenges
Live Your Dream
Most of us have a clear idea of the things we want to do when we’ve finished working for a living, but we’re really not sure how we’ll afford them
Live Your Dream
It has taken strength, savvy and determination for you to create and establish your business.

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Since 2009, the Matthews Financial & Insurance Solutions has been serving policyholders protecting businesses,

The tragic case of Anthony Johnson reminds us why we all need life insurance

I wanted to speak today on the need for proper planning for end of life. It came to my attention a while back of the sad case of Anthony Johnson, who passed away in September. If that name sounds familiar, Anthony Johnson, or AJ, was an accomplished stand-up comedian who played a pivotal character in […]

What is China’s evergrande, and why did it just crash the US stock market?!

By now, you’ve probably seen the name “Evergrande,” “China,” and “stock market crash” splashed across the news and social media, and if you checked in on your investments on Friday September 17th, you definitely saw a lot of concerning red lines. In fact, the major US stock indices fell between 1.5% and 2.1% in just […]

I’m talking about predictions for the economy, markets, and the financial landscape. So, watch this video and I’ll cover my predictions and prognostications covering: Will Covid just “go away”? What will our economic recovery look like? Will low interest rates remain? Credit markets tighten? Will the government keep shutting us down? Layoffs and furloughs? Will states, cities, and municipalities have budget woes? And much more.
Remember that my entire book, The Age of $elf Reliance, outlined my predictions about the economy both today and in coming years, and so far, I’ve been dead-on accurate (unfortunately). But this isn’t to scare you or convince you that I have some special knowledge or crystal ball (I don’t), but so you can adequately prepare to not only surive, but thrive in 2021 and beyond!
-Your financial guru,
Jason Matthews