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 10 CRAZY money facts!

10 CRAZY money facts!

Ok, I admit it: all of my talk about long-term care, pensions, and retirement planning can get a little…dry. I only blog and email about it every week because I truly care about you and your family, but I think we’re both due for a break from serious and strict financial fodder today.

Instead, let me throw these downright crazy money facts at ya!

Enjoy – and thanks for sharing! 

1. According to the Federal Reserve, $1.7 trillion in U.S. currency is now in circulation, with about $1.3 billion of new bills released into the economy every year.

2. To print all of those bills, the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing goes through 9.7 TONS of ink every single day!

3. However, if you think that’s a lot of printed money, the board game, Monopoly, prints about $50 billion in their own currency (Monopoly money) in their games every year.

4. We all know that a penny is worth one cent. But did you know that a single penny actually costs the equivalent of 2.4 cents to manufacture?

5. Lottery tickets are always a big seller and steady money maker. But only a small number of people buy lottery tickets on the regular. In fact, just 5% of the folks who buy lottery tickets purchase 51% of all the tickets!

6. Are you dreaming of winning that big Powerball jackpot, too? The statistical reality is that you have a greater chance of dying in an auto accident or from a heart attack on the drive to the store to buy that ticket than you do of winning.

7. Gambling (legal or illegal) generates a massive portion of our economy’s revenue every year. Just how big is the betting and gaming industry?  Gambling pulls in more income every year than the record industry, cruise ships, theme parks, live spectator sports, and the movie business…combined!

8. Just how prevalent is debt for the average American these days? If you have $10 in your pocket but zero debt, you’re already wealthier than 20% of all Americans! That’s right – 20% of U.S. consumers have a net worth less than a $10 bill because they’re in the red with debt.

9. Almost 95% of all U.S. paper money are contaminated with bacteria. Even worse, the average $1 bill is host to about 3,000 types of bacteria, including the bacteria associated with food poisoning, staph infections, pneumonia, and more.

10. Of all the money in circulation in the entire world, only about 8% is actual physical cash money – the rest is just digitally tracked and stored!

If you enjoyed these and learned something new, drop me an email or share this on your social media, and I’ll write about 10 more crazy money facts for you very soon!

-Jason Matthews

 10 More CRAZY money facts!

10 More CRAZY money facts!