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The C.R.E.A.M. podcast, episode #26: family talks about finances, ADUs, and the highest credit card rates ever!

It’s episode #26 of the Cash Rules Everything Around Me podcast with your host, Jason Matthews of Matthews Financial & Insurance Solutions!

In this episode, Jason and co-host Norm Schriever cover:

• Important financial conversations to have with your family this holiday season.
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• Audience question – How often and where should I be updating beneficiaries?
• Debt trap! The state of credit cards and consumer debt as of Q4 2022
• Countries with the highest number of super rich
• Top concerns of the affluent
• ADUS – accessory dwelling units
• Christmas and holiday gifts to help kids with their financial future
• Shout-out to Joshua’s Gift and please support their toy drive on December 10th
• Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and happy New Year, everyone!

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