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The C.R.E.A.M. podcast, episode #28: How much money for every American, we just lost $1 trillion in savings, and stocks always go up over how many years?

It’s episode #28 of the Cash Rules Everything Around Me podcast with your host, Jason Matthews of Matthews Financial & Insurance Solutions!

In this episode of the Cash Rules Everything Around Me podcast, host Jason Matthews and co-host Norm Schriever talk about:

• The fact that there is $7,000 in paper money for every American. But where is it? Who has it all?

• US households have lost more than $1 TRILLION dollars in personal savings in just one year! Americans had $2.1 trillion in savings in early 2021 and $1.9 trillion as recently as early 2022.

But we now have only $900 billion in personal savings – a $1T loss!

• Stocks ALWAYS go up, right? Well, they do if you look at a long enough timeframe.

How long is that runway? Exactly 20 years. In fact, stocks have NEVER been negative over a 20 year span!

• A notable quote from Ayn Rand: “Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but

• Jason talks about a financial product or service that is really helping clients right now.

• Need a speaker to talk about the economy, finances, and investing? Jason Matthews is available to speak at your next work event, function, club, or group. In fact, he currently has some huge speaking engagements and is now a regular financial contributor on KTVU, the Fox news television affiliate in Oakland, Ca!

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