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The C.R.E.A.M. podcast, episode #29: Wu Tang trivia, jobs data, where to safely park your money, & an NBA finals prediction.

It’s episode #29 of the Cash Rules Everything Around Me podcast with your host, Jason Matthews of Matthews Financial & Insurance Solutions!

In this episode, Jason and co-host Norm Schriever cover:

• Wu Tang Clan facts and trivia!

• Introducing Ephrem Stefanos, Paraplanner, Jason’s new Junior Advisor.

• California is now the #4 economy in the world – surpassing Germany!

• Looking at the latest (very surprising) jobs data.

• Why has the stock market been cooking to start 2023?

• A podcast listener question – where can I safely park my money right now?

• The (scary) state of credit card debt in America.

• A shout-out to KTVU for having me live in-studio twice recently to talk finances!

• Jason’s NBA finals prediction.

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