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Start the year right with this 2021 financial checklist ✅

Thankfully, we can all say goodbye to 2020 forever, as 2021 is now upon us, along with high hopes for recovery and normalization.

And while we’re setting goals and new resolutions, there’s no better way to start the year than taking careful stock of our financial situation. 

For that reason, I put together this quick and easy checklist for you. Go down the list to assess where you are on each item, and make sure to write down your details, numbers, questions, and needs.

Remember that this is just a very simple glance at your financial and insurance situation. To be responsible, we need a thorough review based on your specific situation, goals, and timelines. 

So, please give me a call or email and we can go over all of this together in your complimentary 2021 financial review!

Cheers to making 2021 a year of health, happiness, and newfound wealth!

Your financial guru,

Jason Matthews