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Tax diversification now will save you big money down the road. 💰

✅ In this video, financial guru Jason Matthews of Matthews Financial & Insurance Solutions talks about an issue that’s going to face most of us pretty soon.

✅ In fact, the US deficit is an eye-popping $26 trillion right now, but it was “only” $10 trillion during the last Recession of 2008-9, which means our deficit is 2.5 higher now.

✅ The government is essentially just printing money with no care for the future now, and that will come back to bite us in a big way a little down the road. When that bill comes due (and we can’t just keep printing money recklessly because of inflation), most stats and municipalities will face a huge budget crunch and have to make massive cuts to even basic services.

✅ What happens then? Taxes go up. Every single time.

✅ A lot of this might come to a head in 2025, when the Trump tax plan sunsets, signaling the bill will come to pay for all of this. 

✅ But we do have time to prepare.

✅ In this video, Jason Matthews covers the five strategies, tools, and products that will allow you to tax diversify your portfolio, so you’ll be ready and won’t face a massive tax crunch in the coming years, even as the US sees their taxes go sky high!

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