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 Want to claim your $125 (or much more) from the Equifax settlement? Read this!

Want to claim your $125 (or much more) from the Equifax settlement? Read this!

I understand that all of my reminders about retirement planning, long-term care, and saving more can get a little gloomy. Although well-intentioned, let’s face it – that’s not exactly what people talk about at parties (at least not at the parties that I go to used to go to!).

So, today I’m having a blast sharing this with you because I’m going to help you get $125 – or more. 

Yup, a cheque for $125 (up to $400) could be in the mail to you within the next ten minutes if you keep reading.

Of course, this isn’t my money that I’m giving away, and it’s also not “free.”

In fact, I’m talking about the huge class-action settlement that Equifax just closed with the Federal Trade Commission. For those of you who don’t remember, Equifax – one of the three credit giants – suffered a massive data breach back in 2017, compromising the sensitive financial and personal information of about 147 million Americans.

Last week, Equifax agreed to a settlement to make amends for their carelessness, which is part of a $700 million payout! 

The good news is that you didn’t have to join the suit or do anything else to be part of the class-action case – your name was automatically included if your Equifax data was compromised (and you didn’t opt out).

If that’s the case, then you’re eligible for a payout of $125 automatically just by clicking on the link here:

You can also file a claim for compensation greater than $125 (up to $400) if you spent time, money, lost work days, were the victim of financial fraud or ID theft, etc. due to the data breach.

As a third possible remedy, you can also opt for 10 years of free credit monitoring for all three credit bureaus instead of a cash payout.

Either way, you can check if you were part of the Equifax class-action suit here:

And it only takes five minutes or less to file your claim on the Equifax website ( so you’ll receive a cheque in the mail within 90 days.

These links are safe and legit and remember that this isn’t “free” money, as you earned it when Equifax slipped up with your financial information.

I hope this email was a lot more fun for you than my usual weekly email! 

Do me a favor and let me know when you’ve claimed your $125 (or other compensation) on social media, by responding to this email, or just giving me a call. And thanks for sharing this link so your friends and family will know!


Jason Matthews

Your Very Fun Financial Guru