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What is an annuity? 📌 (Part 1 of 4)

What is an annuity? (And why is the best place for your money right now?)

✅ With the rocky economy and uncertain times ahead, more people are looking for stable, safe investments that come with guarantees.

✅ Thankfully, annuities check all of those boxes and I’m helping more people than ever safeguard their money and prepare for the future with that investment vehicle.

✅ So, in this four-part series, I wanted to break down the basics about annuities for you.

Let’s start with the question, what is an annuity?

✅ Quite simply, an annuity is a contract that promises or guarantees once you make a lump sum payment or a series of payment, that money will always be there for you when you need it for the rest of your life, whether you pass away tomorrow, 110 years old, or any time.

✅ The payout to you comes in the form of regular disbursements that are guaranteed. 

✅ It’s important to note that this guarantee comes from an insurance company, not a bank, the stock market, or other financial institution.

There are two kinds of annuities: 

✅ Immediate Annuities pay out disbursements to you immediately (or within one year),

While Deferred Annuities hold your funds (as they grow), until you are ready to receive disbursements at a later date, such as when you retire. 

✅ Annuities are a fantastic way to ensure that you’ll have enough money to live on until the day you die, no matter what the stock market, the economy, or our pensions and Social Security, etc. are doing.

✅ Look for more information about annuities in the next three parts of this series.

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